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Voice for Player Character in Skyrim

To Whom It May Concern from Newbie Ignorant of Channels but full of Opinions:

Would it be possible for the player character in Skyrim to have a voice? "Prisoner" shouts a bit and I have heard the occasional "Is that the best you've got?" in combat, and, of course, the Thu'um, but for general interactions the player remains oddly mute. The text option for dialogues are needed, obviously, but, once selected, I would like to hear the responses I give. It would take only one generic male and one generic female to read the lines. However, an ambitious game designer could make race-specific sound bites for those hot non-human types. You could even make voice an option in character creation at the beginning of the game, with sliders for selecting gender, tone, accent... I have played games with such features and, actually, I was surprised to find it wanting in a world as elaborate as Skyrim, where even a Dragon has a Tongue.

Sequels are inevitably subject to comparison with predecessors, and I succumb to the temptation. Oblivion had a more flexible, wider ranging, user friendly character creation module, though it, too lacked voice for the player. The non player characters were brilliantly played, though, and I once dragged Martin Septim across Cyrodill for three months (real time - three years game time) just so I could hear Sean Bean say "Let's continue on to Weynon Priory.." ( God how I love that man!) The relationship ended badly, though. He turned into a stone dragon and I didn't even get to be the mother of the new emperor. All I received for saving civilization as we know it was a crummy suit of enchanted armour not even as powerful as the one I was wearing - and I had to wait two weeks to get it! BIG letdown. Ah well...

So how about it? Voices? Text does not convey inflection, and in communication, intonation is jarl. Oh? Oh. Oh... Oh!

Love, Kiera
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One More Thing

On the subject of interaction, I would like to see a spousal dialogue that does not turn an arguably "convenient" marriage into a purely mercantile arrangement. (There is a name for such relationships and it is not marriage). So, in response to... let's say Ysolda's... cheery "What do you need, my love?", options could include:

Got anything for killer bruises?
I need a hug.
How about a kiss?
Come to bed...
A footrub would be nice.
A cold drink, a hot bath, a warm bed and a soft wife - not necessarily in that order.
Just wanted to say - I love you.
(or offer three create your own dialogue options for players who want to start a fight or have special wishes. The spouse won't respond, but the player will get it off his\her chest)

To "Back from some adventure, I bet" one could reply:

I kicked
I got kicked.
Want to see what I found?
Sit down and I'll tell you about it.
I've brought you a gift [and give it out of inventory. Spouse will wear it, not sell it]
I'm off again. Don't wait up.
I missed you. It's good to be home again.
(Keep the what's for dinner option)

For a really big surprise there could be a one time random chance that the wife will announce "we're pregnant"

Also, since lover's comfort is a perk, why not have the player lie down on the bed as non player characters do, and watch the player sleep out the clock instead of staring at a black screen on rest. It's in the game already, it just needs to be applied to the player. On waiting the player could sit down (on the ground if outdoors)and play mumblety peg, throw knives into the dirt, whittle, toss stones, play cards with follower... Something

More diffucult to achieve would be dog dialogues that include sit, stay, down, fetch, QUIET - feed dog, pet dog, praise dog, play catch with dog, groom dog.... Make the thing more than a nuisance who gets underfoot and barks too much. The dog should also go into hunt mode (crouch, stalk silently) when the player sneaks.

If it is impossible to have a useful, fun, pleasant, quiet dog, create a house cat.

And could players ever play some of those instruments lying about? After all, we did go to Bard College.

If I had the skill I would offer these changes as mods, but I don't so I'm hoping someone else will be inspired to make it so.

That's it for now. Thanks for listening.


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I don't think this would work well because of the different races. It's not like Mass Effect where you can only be a human and just change the appearance somewhat.

Besides, some people don't like a voiced protagonist.
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I would think Bethesda's own forums would be the proper place to put suggestions about their game(s). This place is for suggestions about things Valve runs/owns (and Skyrim isn't one of them)... :x
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