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ton de mo nai
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Originally Posted by Zorlac View Post
Cpoints have actually gone way down with the start of F2P.
The day the game went F2P, I could find C-points for 202 dil each. Then the lockboxes came out, and the price jumped up to 226 and higher.
The past week, I have never seen any offered less than 219.

You are saying they used to be more than 226 each?
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When you use the Exchange, don't treat it like a store. If you want to pay less dilithium for CPs. Offer. It's like the real-life stock market in this aspect. The price quoted is for the last sale. It is not the MSRP or the sticker price.

Most players just see '220 - 1' and then buy it at that price. You can put up an offer like '50 points at 200 each' and it will be posted. Probably faster to make an offer at 219 and so on.

PS I think they came close to the 500 per CP limit before.
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