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Xbox 360 controller Bug - X button causes character to move UP

On my xbox 360 controller anytime I use the X button my character always moves upward. It is REALLY frustrating and I've looked up solutions but I can't find anyone else having this problem.

I really enjoy the default settings for the controller so I don't want to have to change a lot of binds just to get it to work.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers for it, but there is no change.

I have windows 7 and I'm willing to post my specs but I don't think that it's a hardware problem (though I could be wrong) because at a friends house, with a different pc and different controller, the problem still occurred.

The only similarity I think is that we both have windows 7 64 bit.

I really enjoy this game and I would love to play it with the controller. Thank you in advance to whoever replies.
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I have the same problem did you ever find a solution?
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Just to run the stupid test (not sayig you guys are) check your controller settings on control pannel to make sure each button is set to do the right thing. Also, if you use XPadder or similar padding utility, make sure it's closed or it could mess with what each key does.
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