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Game not launching

So, I just brought SPAZ, installed it, everything went well.
Tried to boot it... Nothing happened.
Tried to boot it again, this time watching Task manager, the process doesn't even start. Just... Nothing?

Anyone had this problem/know how to fix it?

I tried verifying the integrity and un/re-installing. Still nothing.

EDIT 1: Tried running it directly from Steam\steamapps\Common
Still nothing, although, this time it will appear in the Processes list for about a second before just stopping and doing nothing again.

EDIT 2: Nevermind. After some time spent searching, I found http://www.spacepiratesandzombies.co...hp?f=15&t=1659 And blorfy's fix 4/5s the way down the page solved the issue

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Thanks for updating your post Saved me hunting for a fix for you and I really appreciate it. Back to bounty hunter coding for me then! Have fun.
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