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Announcing the Rise of Immortals Winter 2012 EU Tournament!

What: A European exclusive Rise of Immortals Tournament!

All games in the tournament will be played on the 5v5 map between two teams. Teams will compete in an elimination style tournament, until only one team is left standing to be crowned the champion, and receive the ultimate prize!

When: The tournament will start Saturday March 3rd at 3pm GMT (7am PST). To view what time that will be for you: Click Here!

How long the tournament will last will depend on how many teams sign up, as well as how long games last. Once it gets close to the end of registration, I will work on a tentative schedule to try and keep things more organized.

Who: Any team with characters that are at least persistent level 21 may enter this tournament. If you are not based in Europe, you must be willing to play on the European servers! More information on that will follow in the next sections.

Registration: (Please note, this is simply copied over from the Registration Thread. Please do not try to register in this thread, it will be ignored. The Registration Thread can be found Here.)
Tournament Format and Prizes:

Tournament Style. All matches in the tournament will be Single Elimination. All matches in the preliminary round, round 1 and round 2 will be single games. All matches in the Semi-finals, finals, and bronze match will be best of 3.

The Semi-Finals will begin at 9am, PST. The Bronze Match will then commence about 15 minutes after the semi-finals matches are finished. The finals will begin about 15 minutes after the Bronze Match has finished

Prizes will be awarded as such:

1st Place - 2,000 Petroglyph Coins per player, RoI t-shirt.
2nd Place - 1,000 Petroglyph Coins per player.
3rd Place - 500 Petroglyph Coins per player.
4th Place - 250 Petroglyph Coins per player.

Also, for every 100 viewers that the streams get during the tournament, 5 random people that 'like' the Facebook Status will receive 500 in-game Prestige Points! So the more viewers that our streams get, the higher your chance of winning. Stream links will be posted before the tournament starts.
Tournament Rules and FAQ’s:

What if I have a team but we are not based in Europe?
We will be providing a way to switch servers during the tournament time. As long as you do not mind playing on the European servers and possibly seeing slight lag at times, you can register your team.

Are there any restrictions on Artifacts or Masteries?
-No. Feel free to use any Artifacts or Masteries that you have unlocked/purchased. While unfortunately this will make the lvl 50, fully artifacted teams far stronger, hopefully it will be incentive for players to work on getting their levels up for future tournaments.

How will we know when we need to play?
-There will be a tentative schedule posted before the tournament starts to give all players an idea of when they should expect to be around to play. Team Captains will be given a notification no less than 15 minutes before their team is required to be on, and in the same HUB as their tournament official.

What if we can’t make our match due to the time that it is for us in our time zone?
-Unfortunately, we cannot please everyone with timing, and if the tournament runs into a time when you and your team can not be on, you will simply have to forfeit your match. Sorry.

What if our Team Captain has to leave, but we still have enough players to field a team?
-A Team Captain may notify us that they will be leaving, and can assign a new Team Captain. The new Team Captain must again have Skype info given to us in order to maintain contact with them while they are the Captain.

How do we know that the tournament won’t be rigged in some way to help the organizers teams do better?
-Those involved in the organization and running of this tournament will NOT be participating in the tournament. As it is our first European one, we want to avoid this kind of implication altogether.

When will you be posting official rules? Clarification about disconnects, instance crashes, and so on?
-All of this information and more will be posted once registration ends, and we can confirm exactly what format the tournament will be run, etc. Berek and other Petroglyph moderators will be main contact leads for any issues you may experience during matches.
Please DO NOT register in this thread, as it will be ignored and you will not be registered. To register, please turn your attention to the Registration Thread found Here.
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