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Any updates coming?

Hey everyone,

Long-time player here, but I haven't been browsing these forums in some time. My question is, does anyone know if any further updates are planned for the game? There haven't been any patches or DLC in a rather long time.

I'm really hoping the game is still being developed: not only are there still a few bugs to be fixed, but I'd love to have new features added so I could get back into the game.
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As a new fan of the game, I would LOVE to see some bug fixes and even some new content.

If the purpose of this game / project was to get people thinking about the "fate of the world", it's worked with me. I'm both disturbed and fascinated by the ideas presented and the way in which they have been presented, so devs, please, keep driving it!
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Bug fixes would be really, really good; I've not yet been able to enjoy the last batch of new content properly due to some bugs that had alredy been discussed here long before Tippping Point was released. :\
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