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[Request] The Succubus or the Divine

Nexus Thread: http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.ph...or-the-divine/

Just thought I'd request an in-depth questline that is "Hard" as in, really much so. A few ideas I have about it:
  • Fully Configurable Succubus looks (but always has horns, slit pupils, and a succubus tail) add a new command "succubusracechooser" or something. I don't like the elf eyes, which pretty much the dremora are restricted to in terms of what I've seen for female dremora. (I kind of like the breton faces for some reason.)
  • The succubus has a chance to spawn in your bedroom to initiate the "Quest." She will attempt to seduce you while the game forces you into first person with strange purple swirling blurry vision, if you look to her, the vision of HER becomes clearer, while everything blurs more around her. Denying your soul to her just makes her leave you saying "If you need me, my soon to be slave... I'll be around." if you know where "around" is in terms of succubus lore, you'll know what she feeds on most: "Life energy" and "Lust." Figure out a place where there is most of this... and we're in business. (You can also talk to her there at any time before you sleep to initiate the quest.)
  • Add effect "Lingering Succubus Desire" to keep the blurry purple swirly effect for a while.

Quest Ideas:
  • have her weaken you in terms of strength and stamina, etc. as you make your way through her cavern lair to the end, where she will simply just force you into first person view as she slowly walks toward you, increasing the "Desire" effects mentioned before. She will then hold your face still in first person and come in for a kiss on the camera, but it will black out before her lips come too close (As we all know that models go through the camera or fade out :V)
  • You will then finish the quest "Into the depths of lust" and slowly awaken in a purple domain much like the azura star domain, but more... tightly knit, and more "Succubi" around. A light will shine near a place within this new area, and that is where the quest "Into the Light" begins.
  • A Valkyrie will descend down and grab hold of you a bit angrily, asking why you had to go through with this, and how she now has to get you out somehow. Follow her directions, and you'll soon be faced with an ultimatum: "Stay here forever, and engage in many first-person scenes with the succubi over and over again as your soul fades into the dark" or :Go into the light, and banish this demoness back to the hellish land she came from."
  • Choosing the former would allow you to gain access to a special area of lust where you could gain a succubus wife, in which, if you sleep while she is near the bed, you would initiate a first person scene with her, and come back to this purple realm. You'd have to fight the Valkyrie of course, and a unique valkyrie armor would be on her body, as well as sword (Spear?) and shield.
  • Choosing the latter would allow you to gain a Valkyrie follower, and access to, hopefully, one of the "New Locations" below.
  • A "Destroy the Succubi" quest that the valkyrie follower follows you on, and enables you access to the Demon town.

Location Ideas:
  • Purple "Azura Star" area, tight hallways, and that feeling of stamina being drained at all times. Succubi would be here.
  • Bright sky town of Valkyries who have a Skyforge that's got glowing rune symbols? Activating it allows you to create Valkyrie Armor, which, requires: Daedric Armor Piece, and Moonstone Ingots. This creates a more powerful, divine themed version of Daedric, more clean looking, and an open helmet to see your face (with valkyrie feathers.) This town can also have a valkyrie wife. The town needs a divine feel to it, celestial colors like sky blue, blue, silver / white gold, etc. water, lots of water, especially flowing. Cherry Blossom-like trees too (white petals?)
  • Purple, dark town in the depths of Nirn, secluded behind a purple force field. The town would be demonic themed, (Lava?) and daedric stuff would be common loot here. Succubi mobs are common, as well as Dremora. Normal torches and lanterns would not be able to light up the place, only spells, the glowing aura around the Valkyrie, or the Dawnbreaker sword would be able to light up the place. (As well as mage light.) Maybe have a few men as soul slaves to the succubi. If you chose the succubi path, a demon male would be a possible husband here.

May need voice acting and whatnot. Potentially, you could add hunt quests to Jarls and have naturally spawned succubi if you chose the valkyrie path. After all, what's a nord region without Valkyries?!
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