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King Ridiculous
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Everything is crashing.

For some reason almost every single one of my steam games crash randomly. I've tried reinstalling and verifying the game cache and such but nothing seems to work. Civ 3, Fallout New Vegas and killing floor are the most problematic, closing after a few minutes into the game. Anyone know how to fix this?
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Well it might be a problem with your Hardware (overheating or faulty parts) or, more likely, it is a problem with your software.
Here are some common helpful tips.

Is your PC infected with viruses? Get Kaspersky trial and make it do a full detailed scan of everything.

What drivers are you using for your video, audio and other PC components? Try updating them all to stable (non-beta) drivers.

Update your directX through microsoft's website.

Run a Windows Update to get all the fixes. You can also try updating Java and Adobe Flash player.

Get a program that measures the temperature and voltage of your PC components to see are they working well.

What programs are running in your "background"? Some of them might be causing issues or clogging the PC.

Did you mess around with Window's services or bootup? This can cause severe issues.

You can CAREFULLY clean your PC's interior from dust, using either a vacuum cleaner or (better) an air compressor (blows cold air). Be careful not to damage the fans.

Other than these basic tips, i can't help you in any other way.
A full PC format is an extreme measure, if you can't fix it in any other way.
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