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This game is way too hard - even on 'easy'

I'm talking about 'duel' mode, rather the the man campaign mode. Yes, I know you'll call me a wuss, but I find this game incredibly difficult, even playing on what is allegedly the 'easy' setting. I like to just fire up a quick match, but I haven't yet won a single combat - not one in over 11 hours of play time. On 'easy'.

You know, I love the look of the game, the detail, the whole thing, but it's just no fun to play. I don't even feel as if I'm in with a chance against the AI on the easiest possible setting...very disappointing.

And, no, I'm not a M&M fanatic, and I have no history with the series, I'm just someone who was looking for a classy turn-based game to play and enjoy. This looked like it, but the developers obviously had other ideas...
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Marty A
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Maybe some people here could "coach you up". What exactly is going wrong in the fights? Are you totally outgunned from the start somehow? I've only played campaign mode myself so I'm not sure what the "duel" is like.

One of the things this series of games is famous for is rewarding people who can completely leverage the abilities of their creatures and heroes. If you're not too familiar with the bestiary and leveling system, this can be really hard to do. Small example: for haven troops, pratorians are REALLY effective because they reduce damage on other creatures AND they retaliate for any creates that they are in range. This could allow them to hit MANY times in the same round. It's easy to overlook this ability, but if you can leverage it, it can really turn the tide in a battle. Many other examples like this.
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