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Tasty Uberwich
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Question How Many Content/News Releases Will You Look At?

Hi all,

Haven't started a thread in ages, decided I'd take a stab at it. Anyways, title pretty much says it all. Obviously as time goes on, the game (either Half Life 2: Episode 3 or Half Life 3) will get announced and media releases/articles will be written up and released to the public. However, with this comes the inevitable! Those nasty articles or screenshots that contain spoilers, which are usually leaked or come from god knows where. Sometimes you never know if what you're going to read/take a gander at will reveal some game defining moment and spoil the surprise for you. Other times, you simply can't help yourself and give in to the article, even though you know it could come at a cost. I myself have fallen victim to the latter, all too many times.

Sometimes it's just too hard, you know the game won't be released for months or years, and there's a juicy piece of info you could use to satisfy your taste and anticipation for the game right there with the click of a mouse! Then, once you've read the article and looked at the image, you're immediately hit with regret because you know the moment you reach that point in the game, it won't be the same. You try to tell yourself you'll forget about what you read or saw by the time the game finally gets released, but you know that's not true. We're probably all familiar with the phrase, "can not be unseen."

Personally, every time a game that I highly anticipate and am excited for gets announced I always tell myself to cool it with trigger happy mouse finger, and push aside the media/info releases. I'll start off well, but it's usually inevitable and I'll give in to temptation. Happened to me with Episode 2 and it happened with Portal 2. I watched the Dog vs Strider fight, the amazing encounter with the Advisor, and Eli's death was spoiled to me and many others thanks to a Steam Forum user. During the Portal 2 ARG madness I watched all those YouTube videos uploaded by who we thought was VALVe as part of the ARG, but no, they were all the cutscene videos of the single player and co-op campaign endings, somehow leaked, which spread like wildfire.

I'm really going to try and keep it limited with what I read pertaining to HL3 or EP3, prior to its release. These games have such amazing stories and WOW moments, that I really don't want to spoil anything. It really does change your first play through for the worst part and your first play through of a game should, in a sense, be your most rewarding/best. Hopefully temptation won't get the best of me...

Let's hear it!

TL;DR: look at the title of the thread...

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I'll try and avoid as many as possible but it's the internet, you could stumble upon spoilers anywhere.

- Gordon A. Freeman

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Once the game is announced, I'll probably avoid any gaming related sites including this forum and youtube. I attempted this for Portal 2 and it mostly worked, since I was occupied with my studies.
The only downside was that I missed out on most of the ARG and had to wait till after my mid-semester exams to actually play the game.
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I will only watch the trailer and I will contain myself from watching any visual media.
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I will watch every living thing on it BUT I probably wont read any of the forums when its release untill I play it. (the HL(EP)3 forums)
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Depends on release dates/what the trailers actually contain really.

I would assume beyond the initial trailer they would most likely just show off whatever fancy new tech Valve has, whether it be a new gun, or ai advancements etc.
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I watched all the trailers, but made sure not to watch any gameplay videos. I think I'll do the same here.
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I'll probably just watch whatever is officially released by Valve, from their official youtube channel or E3 videos etc.
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no trailers for me, they contain too many spoilers. Maybe a screenshot or two max.
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The only content/news releases I'll pay any attention to is when HL3/Ep3 (whatever) is announced.
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Maybe Valve is doing this new silent experiment so nobody can see any spoilers. A forced spoiler preventative.
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