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wo0dle buG
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Custom maps DL from server and disconnect

I have searched around but cannot find an answer.

when a map changes or i join a server i download the custom map and when it is done it disconnects me telling me i dont have the map.

Should i just download the maps somewhere else?

where do i put them?
i have a Mac. maybe this is the issue.

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it can be 2 things (maybe more)

The file you download is corrupt or the one on the game server, but then the server should crash.

Or it is another bug in mac srcds version.
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If its the servers map, then the server would crash, so it might be the servers fastdownload file that is corrupted.

Have you tryed several servers with same result?
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you might want to check to see if you have allowed downloadable custom content... you find this in your options/multiplayer in a box towards the lower right hand side.....
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Old 11-16-2010, 07:59 PM   #5
wo0dle buG
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It happens frequently on dods or css. I have to wait until they go to another map and then join back up with the server. Sucks, cause i love custom maps.

Sometimes it works out ok. I will pay more attention. It seems to be all bsps unless of course thats the only way maps come.

i could play dod_flash_at_night. couldn't play dod_omaha=ligs or whatever. couldn't play dod_strand.

and yes the box is checked to use downloadable custom content.

thanks for the help


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wo0dle buG
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and it happens on all servers
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I know this is an old, buried topic, but I happened across the thread when I was looking for the Source version of dod_escape....

To fix this problem, which seems to happen at random, all you need to do is go into your DoD maps folder, find the map in question, and then delete it. When you rejoin the server, it should allow you to download the map again.

What I've found is that when someone downloads a BZIP2 map file while connecting to the server, there can sometimes be a hiccup in the transition of that BZIP2 file to a regular map file (dod_mapname.bsp)

In essence, you download the correct file, but it never unzips into the correct format. I haven't figured out why.

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