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Lightbulb Suggestion: Separate save profiles

Having separate profiles for save games would be highly beneficial for two reasons:

1 - If multiple people play the game from the same computer, you could differentiate who's saves are who's and ensure that no one accidentally saves over someone else's file.
2 - If you wanted to make multiple characters with different skill or quest focuses, you wouldn't have to worry about saving over your other characters by accident.

If someone could make this mod, it would be very helpful. I'm surprised that it hasn't been done yet, at least to my knowledge, but I'm sure that many other people would find this as useful as I would.

I don't know, give me your feedback?
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1: For this you create seperate user accounts on the Operating System. The save games are stored in C:\users\[username]\My Documents\My Games\Skyrim, if each user has their own user account, their saves won't mess with each others.

2: As it is right now, the only way to determine which character you load up is by hovering the cursor over it. As the system only displays the save number order and location of where the character is. So yeah, I kinda wish there were a better way to separate character save files.

In Oblivion the character name was saved on the save file itself, so that helped determine which save file to load and save. I miss it here, I hope it can be ported over here through modding.

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Breton Warrior
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There was a TES Save Manager for Oblivion, you had seperate named folders in your Saves folder and the manager allowed you to pick which folder you wanted to play/save from.

I wonder if that could be modified to work with Skyrim? Way out of my modding skills (I think) but if it could be done that would be great.

EDIT: Just looked at it on my PC, 'TES IV Save Manager' and I'm afraid I have no idea how or if it could be adapted to use in Skyrim. But if someone could do something the same it would be perfect for what you descibed, I have about 12 different characters/games running from it.

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