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Odd performance issue with Fear 2!

I get so me weird fps drop for no reason. It just drops to like 5fps and stays there. I have checked temps and they are fine. Is this known issue?

Maxed out at 1280x800 with Vista 64bit, 5770 1gb, 8gb ddr3, I5 2500.

I did some reading and seems as issue i'm having is similiar to those xfire and sli issues some have. I have single gpu so i'm not sure what to do. I also forgot to add that i had some graphic issues when those fps drops happened like corpses ¨stuttering¨ real fast and some items disappearing.

Any help is appreciated! I want to continue this awesome game but i don't want to play it 15-20min to get that fps drop issue happening to me constantly. It does not happen with other games and as i said above temps are low.

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I have a 6650m 2gb (mobile gpu) which is weaker then your card I belive... and I never drop below 50 fps (70 avg) I'm using the 11.11 drivers all maxed out @ 1600x900 res.
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Very first thing I'd suggest is that you verify your game cache in case something is messed up in the game itself.

I've not heard of anything like this pesonally nor have I had this problem myself but I'm running a Nvidia GPU in this rig not a ATI this go round. Have you checked your catalyst control panel to make sure (assuming it's similar to Nvidia's control panel) that you are't set for multiple displays. Also have you checked to make sure that Xfire didn't somehow get turned on despite only having one GPU? Also are you running at your monitors native resolution? Have you tried turning down things?

Have you tried reinstalling you GPU drivers. I'm assuming you aren't having this issue with any other of your games. Software unfortunately being what it is, sometimes it's a fickle mistress. Working for some things and not for others. For example, I decided to play Ghostbusters:The Video Game last night for the first time in over a year or more and it lags something terrible now, something it didn't do last time I played. So with nothing else changed, I have to assume it's the newer driver messing things up. I'm assuming drivers made for 560's/590's while technically back compatible really don't rock to well with an ancient 8800GT.
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It seems to happen randomly. Framerate drops to 5-10 and i get graphic issues. It goes away in few minutes and reloading fixes it. Otherwise i get at least 60fps on maxed out, 1280x800.

I have still continued playing despite of that issue happening and i love this game!
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