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Witcher 2 crashes on starting new game

Problem has been fixed.

I'm sorry if this has been brought up before, but I've just reinstalled Witcher 2 and unfortunately whenever I try to start a new game it crashes to desktop without an error message or anything.

I'm having flashbacks to when the game first game out and the trouble I had getting it working that time, so after a while of trying to fix the problem myself or find a solution on the internet, I decided to bite the bullet and ask for help.

I know it's quite vague, but any help is appreciated. I've tried different settings and validating the game cache, and I can get the new tutorial and arena modes running, but can't start a new game. Any help would be extremely appreciated.

Edit: Are you kidding me... It just started working, when literally nothing had changed and I'd tried launching about five time beforehand. Very sorry to have wasted anyone's time.

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Glad it's working for you now!
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