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Achievements fixed

Hi there!

Saw this on the Daily Deal (I do NOT recommend it for 20€, rather for 5€) and thought this might revive a bit of the forum:

As I like to finish games completely, I'd love to know, whether the hell lot of broken achievements have been fixed or at least get a list of still broken achievements.

And for all you Daily Dealers: On the one hand I do think that this game is way way worse than any of its predecessors, but on the other hand in my opinion not as horrible as some of the other people here describe it. The upcoming section may spoiler a bit, but not too much I believe.

+: Crude humor, that I really liked in many moments
+: The badger-saw :-D
+: The cameos of Venezuelan dictators, Uwe Boll, Osama Bin Laden and others
+: Some new stuff, the Dude says, but a lot recycled and way less than in the previous game
+: The alternate storylines are a nice idea for this game, but sadly they don't work out that well, are confusing and I was not able yet to get the "Kill nobody"-ending - Also I sometimes got cutscenes and comments from the Dude, that did not make sense at this point in the story (referring to something that happened in the past, that did not happen (yet) and stuff like that).

+/-: The segways are funny, but: It would've been nicer to have more vehicles and hilarious to use other weapons than your fists and the pistol on it, why can't you for example put a machine-gun on its front like Machete? Also as you are forced to drive these ers a lot in the game: Have some more sayings for the Postal Dude!

-: Many, many bugs when released though they got a little bit fewer, but probably there are still two great hands full left
-: As well as broken achievements as mentioned above - For 100%er like me that's rather dissatisfacting
-: Way more linear than Postal 2 - what I wished for was a game and story that was built like Postal 2 with a list of tasks you get other the week and free roam other the complete city (or unlocking parts of the city as you continue playing like Postal 2)
-: Annoying, useless weapons
-: Missions like returning 7 segways and other redundant stuff
-: Except for the badger-saw there were no great and creative new weapons in the game. I found myself just running around and using M4 and MG most of the time and the taser when I tried not to kill anyone for the achievement (which of course did not work out), the weapons that actually were creative fall in the category "Annoying, useless weapons"

Ok, I hope this helps a little bit, maybe someone makes a Source-Mod "Fun Postal 3", in which my cons are handled ;-)

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