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Game wont start.

I played this game about a year ago. I used mods and likely didn't get rid of them properly. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I've tried deleting the save folder in app data. I've tried deleting the save file before torchlight finishes loading (But its not actually loading at all, so that isn't possible). I remember these issues from a long time ago...they worked for me back then, but no longer.

The game will start up fine if I use the safemode boot option. As soon as I remove that line and try to start, it will say Launching Torchlight.. The box dissapears and nothing happens.

I've also had cloud disabled but I know steam cloud loves to ignore these settings in both the game settings and the actual steam settings.
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If the directions in the sticky here for clearing your steam saves didn't help, then you should e-mail customerservice@runicgames.com for official help. Brian will know what to do.
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