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So, the game supports Steamworks but I can't play with my friend so far?

Can't invite him to my game, he isn't connecting even though we are on hamachi either, how the hell are we supposed to play together?
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I find the game can be very twitchy with regards antivirus and other security software (even played "locally" through Hamachi. If you're feeling brave try disabling av scanning on that directory, exclude the exe from real-time scanning, and also disable firewalls (including the windows one, whitelists seem to be ignored).

Granted that advice is AWFULL, but I do get 100% success in multiplayer connections with it, and haven't had the time/effort to nail down the specific issue (which I guess to be the firewall, so try that first leaving your av alone).

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Hi Kiljoy66,

Steamworks is supported for achievements and scoreboards only -- it isn't supported for multiplayer invites and such. You'll need to go through the normal steps of actually entering the Hamachi IP of your friend (or vice-versa) when you are on via Hamachi.
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