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Breton Warrior
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Skyrims New Load Order Adjuster (Beta)

I'm using the new built in Load adjuster that Skyrim has now got with the latest Beta. So far with a mix of Mods from the Workshop, the Nex plus my own I seem to have no problems.

But I have kept my mods very 'hassle' free by picking nothing that can 'clash' or making my own to make it work. So has anyone taken the plunge and changed from the other Load Managers that have been contributing to the re-downloading of Workshop Mods?

Also does it work if BOSS has been used to make changes?

The real test of this built in Data Files Adjuster will be if it can fully take over from Wyre/Boss (if you can decide which mod goes where?) or at least the Nex Mod Manager, any opinions?
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Apparently the attitude regarding Steam Workshop seems to be "Eh, screw BOSS, Wrye Bash, and any hope you have of running more than 20 mods together successfully."

So... yeah. I'm tempted to just unsubscribe everything I have on Steam Workshop and just use the Nexus exclusively. I've had nothing but issues... and I really can't believe that they update mods based upon the modified date of the file.


That's dark ages technology, right there. The sensible design choice is to build a version number into mods that automatically increments every time the mod is changed. Then check THAT and update if there's a difference.

Of course, they haven't done that.

I'm just glad that this is still beta. I'm hoping they won't roll this out live because there are parts of it which are just... well... like they're not designed by people who're familiar with either Steam or Skyrim. At all.

It needs work.


I mean, really...

Using 'date modified' instead of putting version numbers in the esp files? What were you thinking, guys? Sigh. I just really don't know what to say to that.

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Breton Warrior
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@TheVagrantWolf, Hi again He He, umm I've not used Wyre for a while now (a long while) but did it not use dates as part of its way of checking mods?

I've already had a mix of Workshop, Nex and Home made mods that was well over the 20 level and that was with no Load Order manager at all, just pick what works together. BOSS is good if you have no idea of how to arrange your mods once they do need managing, but years of experience should allow a lot of mod users to build their load order on their own. Many others do it, I know a huge mass of FO3 players who just did it themselves, or they asked me to sort it for them

EDIT: Just been thinking more on what you said, Workshop is aiming at the new mod user and is trying to make it as easy as possible for them, so there is No screw BOSS etc etc. They know if the some of the new user gets into it they may well go for Wyre or BOSS. BOSS is only usful if all new mods are in it and Wyre, well Wyre is a good tool but it is not 'essential' to use for a working load order. We used FO3MM and NVMM which was before it became the NexMM and when it still did not auto update your mods. That was all most FO3 players even needed, some of us used FO3Edit to tweak out clashes or create FOIP's (patches) to balance out the differences.

As to the 'Date' or 'Version' activating an update both will work, I think it is some of the currently used 3rd party mod-managers that is causing the re-downloading issue and that is because they are changing the dates? BOSS/Wyre unsure which one, but it is not Workshop itself that is causing the re-downloading it is the other utilities, so Skyrim having its own mod-manager could get rid of that problem.

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