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Strategy Guide

For anyone interested in winning some stuff..
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I was at my local GameStop yesterday (Fri) to pick up a couple of SOE game cards, and they had copies of the strategy guide in stock. I asked if they came with a redeem code to activate the guide as a projectile weapon in the game, but the clerk didn't know. I could have imagined a nice finishing move for spellcasters given a copy of the guide with all-blank pages; the book opens up to suck in each newly-defeated monster type and fill its reference page. Similarly, lore content gets copied into the guide as you find it in the game world. Would make for a nice achievement once the in-game copy matches the physical copy.

Unfortunately, I can't enter the photo I took into your contest, it might cause a little, how shall I put it... trouble. A couple of friends and I decided to have a little Thieve's World mini-game on a bet, the most outlandish item "found" would win. I, of course, had a copy of the strategy guide, so I could hold it for the photo. My friend Jeff trumped me by going into the bus tunnel and "finding" a folded-up escalator which was in the process of being repaired. I guess it had been sitting there in the process of being repaired for the last two weeks. We both had to concede, however, when Stan (who by the way is one of the most honest people you'd ever meet, and wouldn't shoplift a dime) drove up in a police cruiser.
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