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Tropico 3 (maybe all?) food question

Is there anywhere to see your total food production vs what people eat?

I see the 'total meals provided' stat under farms, and rarely see the hunger icon over heads, but by the time I'm getting into electricity, I have a constant "shortage of food" complaint from the Communists, and the tip popup that I need more food.

So I have 3-5 food farms, and see some of them providing meals. I have markets. I don't know if cannerys deplete available populace food? I just cant find a stat that says 'you produce X tons of food, and your populace uses X tons' stat... is there one?
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I don't really know if that stat exists, although it probably does somewhere. I remember sometime ago seeing a user come up with a production spreadsheet that says how much each building uses or produces. I don't know where that information is.

I also don't think the hunger icon is very consistent, maybe it just applies to a Tropican that is on the verge of death through starvation. They do seem to get hungry without showing the icon.

One thing you can do is enact the "Food For The People" edict, that helps feed your masses. If you have to, build an Aid Camp.

Industries like the Cannery will definitely take food from the people, even if they are starving. You can shut those industries down in an emergency. You should just keep building farms, ranches, and fisheries.

As a rule of thumb, I use 3 farms to feed one industrial building to capacity. I think some people use as many as 5.

Corn farms are the cheapest food resource on the island. Goats are cheap as well. Other foods are appreciated by the Tropicans and will make them happier, as long as those foods are not exported first.
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As a rule of thumb, one food source (Farm, wharf, ranch) can feed fifty people. Half as many with Food For The People.

Other factors influence this such as Presdidente profile aspects (Farmer is an awesome background for a reason), how far people are walking to get food (Too busy going to church to eat!) and industry taking your pineapples and fish for canning.
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and don't forget that you cannot import food if your treasury is negative
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