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Post Reason for lost save games

Hi all,

Yesterday we think we figured out the reason for lost progress some you have been experiencing.

The unfinished 1.05 WIP (work-in-progress) patch was released accidentally by Valve at 2012/02/08, and some of you were "lucky" enough to get it and run it, too. When run, this 1.05 patch did backup your Steam cloud data as expected, and it also upgraded your game profile data to match the 1.05 version.

However, because the 1.05 WIP patch was unfinished and still broken, we needed to roll it back to official 1.04, which then read the 1.05 profile without any problems, but 1.04 actually didn't reset the profile version to 1.04. Therefore, when official 1.05 patch was released, it thought that the profile was already 1.05 version, and treated it like such even it only contained 1.04 profile data, causing it to miss some crucial info such as the new player progress!

So to recap, this only affects people whose game was updated to 1.05 WIP on 2012/02/08 and actually ran it too, then ran it also on 1.04 before the official 1.05 was released on 2012/02/16.

Unfortunately because the Steam cloud backup was made on the 1.05 WIP patch and not on the official 1.05 patch, should you lose your save game, all progress after the 1.05 WIP cannot be restored other than artificially recreating the profile.

Having said that, if you happen to lose your save game (because this or any other reason), please contact us at support@recoilgames.com

Sampsa / Recoil Games

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