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Keyboard...Mechanical and Dvorak?


I'm a pretty fast typer on qwerty, but I would like to learn Dvorak. I currently have the Microsoft Sidewinder X4 keyboard. It's pretty decent, but it isn't mechanical and is starting to kinda wear out. I'd really like to get a mechanical keyboard. Also, this keyboard does not let me take out the keys and re-arrange them into Dvorak layout, because some of the keys' "locks" are vertical and others are horizontal.

So here's my question: are there any good mechanical keyboards out there for under $150 USD that either are in Dvorak layout, are blank, or allow you to re-arrange the keys? It would be nice to have the keyboard non-glossy (matte or flat textured), because my keyboard now is glossy and the fingerprints drive me nuts. Macros/re-programmability isn't a must, but I like to have ~5 macro keys for in-game binds and to type umlauts without having to remember the number codes.

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Originally Posted by SomeGamePlayer View Post
Have a look at WASD Keyboards, use their custom keyboard designer.
That's awesome! Would be nice to get one with media keys. That is definitely an option though, thanks for the tip.
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The Das Keyboard is available in two blank versions: the Ultimate (with Cherry blue switches) and Ultimate Silent (with Cherry browns). I have the one with the browns, and like it a lot.

Although they don't have media keys, the Windows Registry allows many keys to be re-programmed. If there are keys you don't use, like on the number pad, you could use them as media keys. I like Keytweak for this. Unfortunately, some games "override" this and the keys will function as defaults, but it works most of the time, and certainly outside of games.

Another option for media would be a Flirc, which is like a virtual keyboard on a chip with an infrared receiver that plugs into a USB port. Paired with any remote, you could use that for media playback (and many other things). I found out about this recently and have ordered one.
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Congratulations on deciding to switch to Dvorak. You're on your way to typing on a more relaxed, ergonomic keyboard!

In case it helps, I don't have any keyboards refitted for Dvorak. All my keyboards are still apparently laid out in QWERTY. I learned Dvorak by printing out a layout and keeping it by my computer for a few weeks while I got the mental locations down. Now I just touch-type on my computers.

This also has the fun of watching somebody else use my keyboard and finding they don't understand how to type coherently.
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