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I want to like this game ..

I really do, APB's setting of ragtag anarchic criminals versus the ragrag fashion police has a unique charm. The maps are pretty and well thought out, the customization is incredible, but the core aspects of the gameplay have always been incredibly flawed.
The missions are repetitive and eventually become incredibly dull, there are very vew activities to do outside of missions, the game is still infested with cheaters, balanced missions are a rare occurance, the driving is delayed and still all over the place, the shooting mechanics are clumsy ... this game is still a mess.

I think that all of these flaws (Mainly the balancing issue) are emphasized by the Free-to-play element because you can outright buy better vehicles and equipment, unlike in other FTP games where you can simply speed up acquisition of better equipment. It's never fun to have your team be completely decimated by players who have bought themselves to the top while you grind at the bottom of the food chain.

Even though the game is plagued with issues I still want to play it, I still keep coming back for more.
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