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Lightbulb The Infection Mod

This is a suggestion for a mod in L4D and L4D2.
It is simple, yet cienimatic.
It gives dead survivors something to do.
So to begin:
The infection mod explains itself. When a survivor dies, they get infected, but not specialy infected. They turn into a fast running, weak, common infected that resembles them. Upon death, the survivor will die in FIRST PERSON. After that, the survivor will get up, still in first person, and become a common infected that the player controls. The infected player resembles the survivor he/she previously was. The player may either "resist" the infection and follow their former survivors, or attack them. There is no coding difference, it is only up to the players. After that, the player will keep spawning as a common infected with a random skin, until the end of the round.

The infected survivor will do a little more damage than other common infected, and a lot stronger.

Thank you for reading my idea! I hope it turns into something!

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