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couldn't crc map

hi everyone, I have a problem with customs map,every time i try to join a trade server tf downloads the map but then before get in i get this message:couldn't crc map. I solve the problem by manually download the maps and put them in the maps folder:here my question, there is another solution ? because i can't find many maps in the index, or exist a web site where i can download them ? thanks everyone in advance
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Ayup. This is a classic mac failure... the only solution is to google the map. There's always a way to find it though, map makers don't keep them secret.
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I've found that if I only get that error if I started downloading a new map from a server I was joining and the download got interrupted. Deleting the maps from you Steam folder should just allow you to download them from the server again and you shouldn't get the error.
I've only had that happen once with a TF2 map but it has happened a few times to me in Counter Strike.
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