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Something I would like to see....

Hi all,

I really do love the game, but one thing I would like to see is some railroad maintenance equipment. I have seen the really neat britsh wrecker crane and a ballast car, and I plan to get them one day. But I was wondering if any of the forum members had the same desire as I? I would like to see more maintenance equipment both North American and European. Maybe if the desire is there, some modder or even railworks would produce such equipement. What do you all think?
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I too would like to see some track maintenance machinery for RW,
I did make a start with an older BR track relaying machine,
But trying to get free info and photos of them is almost impossible,

Plus i hit the barrier of my own lack of talent
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The prolific Sad has a road-railer vechicle in a few variations and a few bogey's available in this package on Rail-sim.de.


Also on Rail-sim.de there is a nice little inspection loco with a few bogey's as well.

Both are freeware and drivable. I agree it would be nice to more maintenace equipment available however i think the likes of a ballast tamper would not be a easy thing to model.
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Originally Posted by elof_ffs View Post
Plus i hit the barrier of my own lack of talent
Rubbish - If you truly believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.
(Well, that's what some idiot once told me.)
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Well wotawally,

that idiot was right and it was probably me, in disguise of course.

To you others yes your ideas are sound, we just need someone to sort it out, any ideas Don.
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