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[SMNC] - Endorsements increase stats a fraction of a percent?

They seem rather silly additions in their current state

Is this just for beta or are they intended to stay this way?
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That's likely just low level ones. In LoL the rune system has 3 tiers of runes. Low level ones are barely worth using, while tier 3 runes are where you actually see a difference. I'm just assuming here but I'd be this is the same way.
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Uber didn't want Endos to be as powerful as they were in MNC. Most of them will max out at a 25% boost, Health maxes at +100 to base(adds up as you level tho) and Accuracy maxes at 10%
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The new endorsement system is different from that in MNC, and like the post above me stated corrrectly, works more like Runes in LoL. A single low level endorsement won't make much of a difference, and it is correct that the impact oft endorsements is smaller than in MNC. That said, higher level endorsements increase more than just one stat (one primary and 1 or 2 secondary), while heavily decreasing another. You can choose if you want to get a small gain in some stats while not decreasing others, or you can get a bigger boost in a few stats while dumping others. It all comes down to your pro and your playstile. For example: Sniper gets his DPS from his primary weapon (sniper rifle). He should increase his rate of fire, his ammo capacity and reload speed. Ammo capacity only allows for one additional bullet in his sniper rifle, since it caps at +25%, so he only needs to put in little over 10% in this stat so he gains another bullet. Higher capacity means less reloading-> more DPS. He would also want to increase his rate of fire and reload speed, again resulting in higher DPS. Since his main damage source has pinpoint accuracy in first person view, he can easily dump the accuracy stat to -25% (maximum penalty). While it will influence his secondary weapon (SMG), he will only use that one when enemy pros get in too close for even quick scoped headshots, and for grappling, so overall, the penalty does not hurt him alot, while the bonuses from the endorsements give him a HUGE edge over other pros and other snipers in general. Of course, such a build requires large amounts of in game currency.
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