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JA2 1.13 Question

It's day.. something over a hundred, and I captured all the cities except Meduna, of course, and I've just been camping around, waiting for Bobby Ray's to come in with some stuff.

For one, I can't find any sniper rifle ammo for the .50 Cal Barrett Sniper rifle, which really jaratees me off because I've been waiting a really long time and they've never came in with ammo.

Also, since mortars aren't the best option to take out tanks, I was looking for a rocket launcher, and I chose several of the most expensive ones, but I also can't find any rockets for it. I don't want no crummy LAW or RPG-7.

At this point I've probably waited over two ingame months for ammo to come in for the Barrett, but nada. Do I have to buy the ammo from some in-game dealer somewhere? I know there's a few, but I never bothered.
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See if you can get your hands on a fully-auto rocket rifle and use that on tanks, instead. Believe it or not, it works.
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