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Any multiplayer groups looking for people?

I've had it with the pickup games. Always a small, pang map and people always quit after 30 turns. Looking to play some good, larger games that obviously can't be finished in one sitting. All I ever find are these little skirmish games...that no one will even finish. To me, small map games like that leave a bunch of the game out. Doesn't seem like Civ to me. I want to build a Civilization not play a quick game of my warrior against your archer. LOL
Sure I could find something on the net. Just thought I'd check here first. Most people on here are serious players. Thanks in advance. Cheers
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I agree that the pick up games leave alot of what I love about civ5 out. Ive tried and completed a couple multi player games now, and its a different game than the empire building style of play that Im used to in single player. I would be intrested in a game larger and longer than the one day deals online.
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