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Thinking of getting this - Good buy?

I did play bits and pieces of it on the Xbox a few years ago, and from what I remember I did like it.

Now, I recently have gotten big into the Dragon Age series. And seeing as this was done by Bioware as well, I was thinking about getting it.

I've also heard tell of bugs and such, but how much do they detract from the overall gameplay?
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Go for It!

My experience with the game has been on the mac not windows so I can't say much to the effect of bugs and such but...
I have been a fan of Bioware since playing the first KOTOR years back. I was looking for another RPG that would be like it and Jade Empire fit the bill. This game has great gameplay, storyline, characters, and is really atmospheric. I heavily recommend it even though it is last gen.
I payed full retail 3 years back for it and it was well worth the money.
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This game is really great and beautifull, it s a full ACTION rpg play experience (4pad) and great story.
I never find another game like this again and maby never do.
If you don t care about "old" graphic engine buy it.
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