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Wink [SPOILERS] Speedrun tips

After beating the game the "normal" way, I wanted to see how fast I could reach and kill Deidranna with only a single merc.

I decided to take Wolf for this journey because he has pretty good starting stats and traits - gotta love the gunslinger! On the world map, I took the fastest route to Deidranna and liberated every sector I came through to level-up my merc. When I reached the final sector, Wolf was already maxed out.

The whole journey took me around 27 in-game hours and around 7 RL hours to complete (quite a bit of save,load and repeat).

Anyway, I found this style of play much more intense and more enjoyable at some points than the regular playthrough. It was more intense because you obviously have just 1 merc with limited inventory and weapon capacity. And there are only so many enemies you can take at once.

Now to some actual tips for those who want to try it:
Inventory management becomes even more important when soloing. Decide carefully which items you want to take with you:
  • There's no need to keep more than 1 stack of ammo for each weapon you have in your inventory. Enemies drop enough for you to refill.
  • Buy and keep at least 2-3 weapon cleaning sets if you want to keep your weapons.
  • Take frag grenades over stun grenades. 3 packs of frag and 1 pack of stun is enough.
  • You dont need a defuse kit, lockpicks or crowbar.

Some tips concerning weapon choices:
  • It's a good idea to have a weapon for each situation: Close combat (Shotgun/SMG), Medium/Long Range (Rifle), Very Long Range (Sniper Rifle)
  • You dont need a LAW or Rocket gun. A single grenade can take out a tank.
  • Buy and keep any G11 ammo you find along the way. There's a G11 in the Meduna maze. Its one of the best weapons in the game.
  • The G21 is very versatile and can be used as LMG, rifle and sniper rifle depending on the current situation.

Merc leveling tips:
  • Make sure your merc has enough skill points on medical (40) and mechanical (50?) so that he can heal and repair! But dont waste too many points on it...just so you can keep yourself alive and your guns working.
  • Explosives skill is not needed at all and has no effect on grenades.
  • Depending on what merc you're using, put some points into Strength. 80 points is just fine!

Other tips:
  • Hand grenades are most useful in the Meduna Maze sector (1x stun then 2x frag on clusters of enemies)
  • You're running faster than a tank can adjust his aim. Use this to your advantage when taking out tanks with grenades.

Add your own speedrun tips/suggestions below
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Very cool
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Well, to get somewhere fast, as in time-wise, plot a course to your target and enter any settlement/location on the way and run from where you enter to where you will exit on that map. This way you can get to your location in a fraction of the time needed. Which in turn brings up the question why time does not advance when you are in tactical mode
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Or do the dahonko quest and grab that money , hire all mercs..
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Nice, but explosives skill does now improve grenades.
What about strength? 3 weapons needs a lot of strength to lug around... Recommend?
Marks and Dex - min max? Advice?
Will try a speed run after this complete play through.
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