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Petroglyph Games
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Azcadelia revealed! Full concept and abilities

Azcadelia and her little shadelings are set for a release next week! Check out her full concept here, along with the names of her abilities we will reveal over the course of the week leading up to her release:

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Class Role: AoE DPS
Attack Damage Type: Magical
Ability Damage Type: Magical
Offensive Capability: High
Defensive Capability: Medium
Difficulty: Intermediate

Shadelings - Q Ability
Revealed on 2/29...

Fear Thy Shadow - W Ability
Revealed on 3/01...

Umbral Veil - E Ability
Revealed on 3/02...

Web of Shadow - Ultimate Ability
Revealed on 3/03...

Abyssal Lord - Signature Ability
Revealed on 3/05...

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Love the art style! You guys have nailed the last two as far as I'm concerned.
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