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Skyrim Data Files Load Order

Is there any other way to modify the load order other than doing it by hand click by click using SkyrimLauncher?

Whenever I tick off a plugin, it moves all the way to the bottom of the list, and I have to keep adding them back to their right position. I turn on and off mods alot because I have so many that I need to find out which ones are causing problems.

Is there maybe like a .txt files which lists all the plugins, and I can simply change the load order there? I used to use BOSS, but that doesn't work now ever since the new patch... This is really irritating especially that I have about 80 plugins...
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I agree the Mods dropping down because you turn them off is annoying and TBH it does not neeed to do that. Maybe keep a hand written copy of what BOSS last gave you as a reference? sorry that sounds a bit lame but the Users-APPData-Local-Skyrim Folder might be able to be used as you describe.

To look at what I said above I think you need your files in view option set to 'not hidden' but be warned messing with that file can cause an issue, well that is the warning at the top of the .txt itself. Your Mods are listed in that txt file and look to be in the order I am actually using.

PS: Make a copy before you change anything, just in case.

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