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Strange Loop Games
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Jon Hopkins music used in Vessel

Hey guys, I've had some people asking about our soundtrack and how they can access it. We don't have a soundtrack for sale (currently, maybe in the future), but I put together a youtube playlist that has all the tracks in it here:


These are all mixed dynamically in game, so you'll probably recognize them in various forms as you play. Here's the track list:

1 "Vessel"
2 "Circle"
3 "Contact Note"
4 "The Low Places"
5 "Cold Out There"
6 "Symmetry"
7 "Nightjar"
8 "Sleepwalker"
9 "Insides"

There is one more track I didn't list because it's a powerful part of our finale and I don't want to spoil anything.

You can also follow the artist at his webpage here:

Thanks for playing our game and hope you enjoy the music,
-John K
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Thanks! Great choice of music. It created the perfect atmosphere for the game.
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This really has some of the most impressive videogame music I've heard in years. I guess most devs think that interactive music is a waste of resources so it's always nice when a game goes all out.
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I spent a few hours trying to dig the stems out of the game files, but gave up. Will have to settle for youtube I guess.

Hopkins' soundtrack on Monsters was pretty good, wonder what could have been if he'd done this game from scratch.
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I'm uploading a Vessel playthrough on Youtube...
And it's smart enough to pick out the songs.
Seems even a machine can pick out these lovely tunes between my chittering.
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Getting copyright message because of this music in Youtube ...
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