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Question Vehicle enter animation

To anyone who has worked with vehicles, I can't figure out where and how the enter animation camera control functionality is. For example, in the vehicle crane entity, when you enter the vehicle it takes control of the camera, moves it up, forward, left , and THEN attaches the viewpoint to the attachment. I'm curious as to how this sequence is written and where it's executed. I did find a function call in the think function

//play enter animation
Which has something to do with it ( the FIRST helpful comment thus far) , but i don't see any animation sequences set or anything controlling the camera. I'm currently making my way through CBaseAnimating to find where a sequence might be set or called, but if someone has already been through this, it would be very helpful if you could explain.
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wow i couldn't find where the animation was taking place, because it was extremely obvious and i was looking at code instead of at the models themselves. I was looking through model viewer, just kinda scanning through the various vehicle animations, and despite it looking like nothing was animated during the enter animation on the crane, i ticked attachments at one point, and was suddenly enlightened to my silly-ness :P . You don't control the camera for a bit and then attach it to the eye attachment, you just make an animation of that model where you animate the eye bones movement and rotation, not animating the visible model, just the bone attachment. I feel really silly :\ .
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