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Arrow problem with specific crossup

Ok...so I´ve been playing Ryu for a while and in ranked matches I found a good ken that crosses me up all the time and do ambiguos jumps setups,I play him about 2-3 times,and I would want to hear some advices from you guys, how to counter his strategy?,the video below show one of the matches that he kick my hard,thanks in advance.
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Yeah I've seen Tenis play and he's a pretty decent player.
And from the looks of it, it's timed and made to be ambiguous, your best guess might be to go into training mode, try it yourself and find the quirks of how it's timed.

Other than that it's a very decent mixup.
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ken got a setup after a forward throw. if he takes a step backwards it will not crossup like in round 2 after he did the forward throw in the right corner. not moving backwards will result in a crossup.
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