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Mr. Someguy
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Originally Posted by friend
The new M4A4 and AK are a bit too inaccurate without crouching. IMO rather than getting a standing accuracy nerf, they should get a crouching accuracy nerf.
With how inaccurate they are now crouching or luck is a requirement. You can no longer tap in the other direction and shoot while strafing. Having to wait to crouch
is akin to waiting to pull up the iron sights in Call of Duty. Yeah that's right SPUF I compared this change to CoD, bet you're real angry about it now.

Maximum recoil is too low in the current patch. I understand it was lowered because it was too hard to do a controlled spray in the last patch, but the magnitude of the recoil
is not the problem. While the game uses Counter-Strike style recoil internally (I think), visually you see L4D's "smoothed out" recoil. This means you don't get instant feedback
on your recoil after firing a weapon.

Sprays are far too random. Rather than massive spread which means you can miss (but still have a possibility of hitting) recoil should just be increased more when spraying.
At the moment when someone sprays they have a chance of hitting even without controlling recoil. The massive spread also gives people a possibility of a lucky headshot
when doing an uncontrolled spray.

I don't think I have to mention fog, it's already been discussed to death.
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totally agree.

it makes it a uncontrollable noob-game.
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