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Sanctum Crash [Help]

Heyo people,
Ever since I have purchased Sanctum it always crashes a couple minutes after I join a game, and I don't mean just the game, I mean my whole computer. I already conversed with one of the developers of the game and they said that it's most likely because my computer overheats when I run it. I ran some diagnostics to see if he was right and he was.
Normal Computer Temp.: 65°
Computer Temp. While Running Sanctum: 75°
I realize that my computer is naturally heated up as it is without running that game, but then I realized something and made a test. I opened up the program that monitors my computers temperature and ran RAGE. Since Sanctum crashes at about 75° I was awaiting until RAGE made my computer reach 75°. It eventually did and my computer didn't crash, or anything else. I can run every other game that is more demanding than Sanctum without it crashing but for some reason my computer just crashes with it. And I just don't understand how I could run both games and have it reach the same temperature and have only one of those two games crash. If anyone knows why else Sanctum may crash my computer please tell me. Thank you in advanced.
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I have random crashes too. I am NOT overheating, and have more than enough horsepower. No idea what is going on.
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