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Fallen Earth login?

I have an qeustion about the log in.

How does this works? I have an Gamersfirst account, but Fallen Eart automatically log in my Steam account.

Right now im not playing with my Gamersfirst account, and where is the savegame stored? And what will happend if i reinstall my pc. Because, everytime i restart the game, i get an message that no character is stored on my pc and ask me to make an new one.

I click on no, and right after that i recieve an message, collecting local information? Or is it only the gamedata?
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I'm not sure on the answers to your other questions, but when you start the game and the launcher comes up you can uncheck the box for "authenticate through Steam." It will then give you a prompt to log in using your Gamersfirst account info.

As for where the savegame is stored, that wouldn't be on your computer. It's saved on their servers.
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