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cheaters in cod mw3

plz oh plz ,

steam or whatever program is used to get those cheaters from mw3 do something about it. The game is good but week after week there are still alot off cheaters or hackers ing up the game for lot off gamers . for as today i played 5 games and in 5 games i encounter cheaters. i mean common not in the history of mw3 i have encountered so manny cheaters and wallhacker lot off my friends has stopped playing mw3 so what are you guys gone do let those cheaters win or what???
I am begging you guys i dont wanne pass my time reporting cheaters after cheaters every time i wanne play this game so you know what you have to do look up for info on youtube you get all the info is needed to get those freaks.
So for all the real mw3 players in the world its a cry for help in this mather.

in hope this will change it
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And yet another MW3 thread...

Leave from lobby where you have spotted a cheater. Report him. Don't play Ground War game mode - it is actually cheater's paradise.
Also remember, not every player that have high k/d ratio is a cheater.
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Originally Posted by Smile286 View Post
Also remember, not every player that have high k/d ratio is a cheater.
Very true.

Unless they do something silly like 60 kills and no deaths. Which I have seen.
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well i can tell you guys i am used to see who's cheating ^^
its really a pest after 6 pm when all people has come home from work or school
but i do report them but its like there is nothing they do about it becaus you still encounter the same players after months .
i do report them at there steam profile but i dont know if that changes anything . They are even more proud of it by placing there video's on youtube and even making a chanel for it.
but what frustrating me more is that you still keep encountering them.
in the other mw's you had something that you could report them from the player screen in the game itself why did they remove that.
and yesterday i really encountered them 5 times in 5 games what a K/D ratio of 80/5 most off them.
so i really urge steam or activision or whatever to be more agressief in that mather
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Silicon Vampire
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Sticky: Valve Anti-Cheat: Information Thread

From the support FAQ pages:

Please read up on VAC, in the above thread and in the support section.

These forums can not help with VAC ban issues. Contacting support is your only option.

Contacting Steam Billing and Support

Please submit the actual cheat through support or by PMing a moderator.

You may also report bad behaviour in the offending community profile.

Nothing to see here
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