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Call OF Pripyat - Misery Mod - Best Class??

Just wondering for all those who have played the Misery Mod for CoP, what class did you choose and why? What class do you think is the best?

I choose Recon. I wanted to be more nimble and start with VSK. Also healing being boosted and lowered degradation on armor was a deciding factor.
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I've just started it a week ago, as Recon aswell. I picked Recon solely because while the other classes have bonuses to weapons, it's merely a lower durability loss per use and a steady hand with aiming, and then only for the specific type of gun. Recon on the otherhand, helps with your suit which you'll always be wearing, and medicine which you'll always be using (And is in short supply mind you.)

Sniper should of given a bonus to Food; seeing as a marksman might sometimes camp the location of his target for so many days. I don't particularly enjoy how little food there is in the mod however. It is pretty impossible to play without reloading your game infront of a trader a couple times; You need to eat more in a day than you will be able to buy from a trader, and scavenging for food is risky if you don't already have some. The starting gun for the Recon sucks however, You won't be finding ammo for it until Jupiter and by then you'll find a VSS sooner or later.
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I started and finished the mod as recon. I really liked his gun, so I modded it with the repair man to use 5.45 ammo. Too bad its accuracy was so bad! I had to drop it later, but it was a very powerful weapon. If only its accuracy wasn't so bad...

I found the mod easy enough. Beginning is hard since you won't have much money, but it's more tedious. The easy way to win is to kill other npcs and take their stuff. Selling gernades to NPCs, especially onces which like you, will make you rich super fast too. Doing quests is the fastest way to making money though. And money fixes almost all of the problems.

The healing was still pretty bad with Recon, my strategy was to always return to the medic after any exploration. Upgrading a suit to provide healing is the #1 thing you should do in my opinion, right next to allowing more weight. I wanted to try the Sniper, but there weren't enough bad guy NPCs to ever really it until the end of the game, and then it's still kind of useless. I wish there was a mod that made NPCs the main enemy in CoP... it is incredibly empty
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I finished as Sniper. Only thing I found to be a pain is how little he carries, but I modified the carry weight.

As a Sniper though, u'r starting suit is horrible. Not sure what the other classes start with since I have yet to try those. But as a Sniper, just be sure to head over to gas station soon as you can and grab the Sunrise Suit from the stash on the roof.
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Started with assault, but he's too slow for the zone.

So the medium class, sniper. It fits my style anyway, fewer more accurate shots.
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