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Dirt 3 Freezes on loading screen

Hello , I was driving Dirt 3 fine a few months ago on this system but since firing it up again I've found that it freezes on the loading screen.

I get past the AMD splash, the GFWL sign in pops up fine, correct sign in, and then the triangles that rotate in the right bottom corner freeze up and that's it.

Nothing works but task manager to get out by disabling the dirt3_game exe.

I tried;
Swapping from Rapture to software in the hardware settings,
Forced directx9 in hardware settings,
Rolled back vid card drivers to earlier ones (AMD)
Reinstalled GWFL and even Internet explorer9
Disabled virus protection

Nothing changes it.

I renamed the Bik file in the Video folder and this stopped the freeze of the triangles but just gave me an endless rotating triangle.

ANY ideas would be apprecited. Thanks ...

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How often do you run basic system maintenance? Disk Cleanup and Defrag?

I would try running those if you haven't in a while, that might help, if that fails, I would, as a last ditch effort, try a full reformat and re-install of everything.
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Thanks able for replying. i did those things. Finally I contacted Codemasters support and they told me to run DXdiag.

I did that and it solved the problem ! There was a message that a sound file was wrong, and also I checked the WHQL box that was not checked. I think it was one of those that caused the freeze, possibly caused by a graphics driver install.

Either way it solved it.'

Thank you for your response.
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Seriously all you did was run DXdiag and it worked for you?
Man I tried that, and everything else under the sun.

: / Fudge..
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