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Golem Creation

I have one quick question regarding this game. How good is the golem creator feature? I play DnD and this kind of customization is enough to make me want to buy the game even if it didn’t have all of the other awesome content. Is this just a shallow 30 second diversion or will it get me to go out searching for new monster parts to add to my creation.
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Sorry it's not a Golem creator but a dead animator. Yes you go out to find better parts, throughout the game.
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half way through the game u get your battle tower and there you speak to your necromancer and then you can build your pet monster which you can summon anytime you wish, and you get different body parts to upgrade during your questing, the summoning is in my opinion the best way to play, you can summon a healing ghost, a ghoul with sword arms, a demon which looks a bit like Alien, and your own Frankenstein pet creation, i am playing as a fighter/summoner, its great fun!
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