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Tougher than Troopers? Shotgun Troopers!

We all know that Troopers are a powerful force, they march forward without fear! Elite Troopers have been trained even harder and provide brute strength. But we have news that Troopers in Atelia are even tougher!


The nomads of Atelia live rough lives, and this means they make extremely tough combat troops: Shotgun Troopers. They favor the shotgun because there is less of a need for careful aim, and they deal more splash damage than Elite Troopers. In comparison they have more health but a slightly shorter range.

Unlike Troopers, they have very light armor, meaning they are not as resistant to shells and explosives as most infantry (the same as Armor Crackers). They are good quality frontline anti-infantry units, and as long as you keep them away from Terror Walkers and similar units, they will serve you well.


Black Market Special Deal
This weekend we have a real beauty on offer for you! On Saturday and Sunday you will be able to add a Rocket Artillery to your inventory! These extremely long range units provide a beautiful splash of shell damage to any opponent who dares to come close enough. Ensure that the rest of your forces can protect this valuable addition to your army!

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