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My Impression

When this went on sale , I looked at several official game reviews and was dissapointed...I didnt buy it . 2 Days later it was bought for me .

This game , in 1 word (Spectacular) ! I can almost gaurantee that ALL the reviewers never got off the tutorial island ! At first glance (first hour or so) ! Combat seems lame ,Interface is very overwhelming , enemys are difficult and on and on ...So I stopped playing ! I watched a video on youtube of a necromancer in the game ,and decided it needed another shot !

Im now 42 hours into the game and still consistently blown away ! You MUST get past the tutorial island to appreciate this game ! I am a WoW , bethesda and guildwars vet (among others) , and I have never played a game with this much attention to detail . You will be amazed , pretty much nonstop, once the quest line takes you to the savanna !

The graphics are top notch , and so far heavily polished . I have read others having issues ,but i got it jacked and its running good ! The sounds (both ambient and musical) are outstanding and really give you the sense of being in that particualr area .

Quests seem unlimited as they go on and on . One leads to 10 more and depending on how you do the inital quest ,changes everything . If you get bad rep , thiefs will start randomly selling you valuable goods you cant normally get ! If you are a good person ,you get rewarded for that as well . Dungeons are incredibly diverse and very well layed out . The Ai isnt the hardest to play against ,but it can be tricky depending on your build !

I can go on for pages on this game ! If you start mellee ,go 1 hander and shield . Mage is very hard at first ,you have to make your own spells from scratch and it has a steep learning curve to it (but well rewarding) , I havent played with the bow yet but the drops in game support it well enough !

This is a MUST for any RPG fan ! It wont dissapoint you if you give it the time required to learn the basics !
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Thanks for the quick review.

I traded some TF2 hats for TW2 this morning, looking forward to trying it out. Do you have the pirate DLC or just the base game?
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I am Impressed with TW2 as Well!

Thanks for the review BoneDoctor. I too was about gave up on this game, as it was too hard to complete the first Savannah quest. But thanks to this forum, I was back at it and am impressed with how much the game has pulled me in.

I thought I would try it a bit as a break from Skyrim, but I haven't been back to Skyrim since. I especially like the crafting system where you can destroy items for resources to improve other items.
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