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well okay that ending... [no spoilers]

was as cliffhanger as it gets. Some people mentioned that the game ended it off on a note that -could- let you walk away satisfied but that's not true at all.

Here's hoping BK2 can be released. Damn it Atari, get your together and just release it as DLC or something :u
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It's Episode 3, I'm afraid. Except if I remember correctly, the people behind it got shut down - they'd made the game (hence sneak peaks) but then they got kicked in the buns and then couldn't release it - so there's a finished game of it unreleased out there, and it wont ever be released.

if you want to find out what happens you'll have to read the comic.

Edit: There's a thread on page 2 about it. Atari doesn't want to take it up to release it.
If you want to find out what happens, comic I'm afraid.

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