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Chasing the White Rabbit (Spoilers)

Finished the playthrough with a buddy last night.
Got my Xian to level 52. Started at 40 or 41.
His Logan was new, and he got him to 43.
I let him do most the killing, jumping in when he was in trouble or I was attacked.

We each got killed about 10 times the entire game.
Mostly when we threw caution to the winds.
That was mostly the first half of the game.
Maybe only 4-5 respawns total, because we revived each other.
Always used teamwork and never wandered off alone.

I didn't notice any difference in enemies than playing single.
Seems more enemies spawn in 3-4 member co-ops.

Anyway, Chasing the White Rabbit is the last run through the prison to the roof.
In 2 single-player playthroughs, I ended up running.
Just got killed too much.
With my partner we wiped every zombie out, and never got close to dying.
Best zombie killing-spree of the game.
Taking it slow, and drawing them to us was the key.
Plague-bearing knife neutralizes Rams and Thugs.
Doesn't work on Floaters.
My partner would wait by a door, and I'd go draw the infected
to me, then run back to my partner.
Bloodbath city.

On the roof I tried a new tactic that worked real well.
We killed the shooters, then ran to the hallway next to the workbench room when the armored zombies spawned.
They were right on our tail and almost killed us, but after killing 6-8 that followed us in we used a medkit and were good to go. Killed 4-6 more that came in, and some of on-fire zombies, then ran to the roof.
The thug inside the blown gate was already halfway across the roof shuffling toward the workbench area.
The gate probably blows after killing about 10 zombies.
Just ran past the thug. If I ever do it again, I'd like to see if
the roof-top zombies stop spawning.

Ryder never touched us. We both raged, and he never even got his hands up.
Wish I had thought to try the plague knife on him.
Maybe next time, but my zombie killing days are over for a while.
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Uh what?
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Yesterday I play as Sam B 45 LVL and only 1 hit knock Ryder out so far killed instanly by orange metal kanabo + heavy duty.

Sam B rule with blunt melee and good tree blunt skills...

Orange Metal Kanabo + Heavy Duty <3

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The Kanabo is also my favourite weapon.

I've sent a thug flying half-way across a map in pieces from one hit.

And another great thing about the Kanabo is that it has fantastic reach, so you can take out things like Infected before they can do any damage.

Regarding Ryder, he's pretty easy to kill with any character, just use Rage.

I find Jason more challenging than Ryder.
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Did you guys know that Ryder is vulnerable to Mindblowing military knife like a normal infected or walker? 1 hit and bye bye Ryder's head.
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hit him with the homerun baseball bat, he flies off the roof and end credits.
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