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Is the game really that hard?

Hello everyone!

I created this thread because can't find this information on the internet. I've been searching for it long enough, but it looks like this is an unpopular game, even the Wikipedia article is really short and incomplete.

So, here is my question: is the game really that hard? I mean, the levels are hard in their own way, but it's not the main problem - it looks like you have to beat 7 levels with 5 life to save your progress. The first 2 "level series" were kinda ok to me, but the 3rd is incredibly hard. Do I really have to beat these levels in a row? Managed only once to get through to the 5th level with 0 life and stucked at the beginning, so I had to start a new game.

Anyway, if it's the normal difficulty of the game, I will try it again and again, but I feel that I'm missing something, beacuse it's too hard to be true.
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I wouldn't say it's hard as such, just certain aspects are incredibly badly designed. I dont know if it can be used with a controller, but it seems that it may not be designed for keyboard use - maybe I'm wrong, but the controls just feel a little sloppy. While the idea is certainly inovative, that doesn't mean it's good.

And yes, you have to beat all the levels in a row - you'll have to do more than one in a sitting, as leaving a level loses a life (as does resetting a level, and seveeral other things). It would have been a good game, but there are better ones that are harder than this.
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It's pretty frustrating. Not in the good, exciting way (such as older games), it's just plain annoying. The controls take some time to get used to, even then they're a bit clumsy. Also, you lose a life whenever you exit the game or restart the level. I can't really recommend buying the game, at least for its full price..
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I found world 3 to be a lot harder than the 4th.
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pro tip: you are aiming to master gish's momentum.
he has three modes, sticky, slippery, and heavy.
if you don't know how to use them in conjunction with one another: you're not doing it right.

for instance: using heavy in the air to accelerate you fall, releasing before impact, and jumping after compression will give you way more distance/height on your jump; you can then carry that momentum over; aim for an edge, and use sticky for a second to hook yourself around an object and fling yourself even further. in multiplayer you can use this type of thing to preform throws.

this is not a game where you just walk from left to right jumping over obstacles. think of it like learning to rocket jump. once you understand how to move the controls are virtually flawless. you just need to understand how a gish moves about and not expect it to be like every other platformer.

its just not a game for players who haven't moved beyond being "captain one button" all the time. this becomes increasingly relevant in multiplayer; which is the true star of the game.

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