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Question Steam Inventory gets reorganized after log out

Posted this on the Spiral Knights forums (the one on spiralknights.com). Didn't get any responses, gonna try here.

I don't know if this has been report before, if it has, I'm sorry (please direct in the right direction).

Recently, a problem has popped with my Steam Inventory for Spiral Knights. Basically, when I'm logged into Spiral Knights the inventory is sorted in order of how I acquired it (the Proto stuff first and the newest stuff last).

Ever since an update (in January, either by a Spiral Knights or Steam update), after I log out of the game, the order of the inventory becomes disorganized. I guessing it's now sorted by most recently used.

Before the bug, my inventory didn't get disorganized (Picture #1) after I logged out of the game. I liked the way it was sorted, by when the item was acquired. It was easier to keep track of what new materials I acquired (if there was anything new).

Is anybody else encountering this bug? Does anybody have a fix?
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