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Infest ur Mind
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Why it's so stupid??

At first Renegade ops is awesome - looks like old Jakal on NES: cars, hostages, doors which you should shoot to open. After that game looks double awesome - different characters with unique skills... But. A few days later... WHY THE HELL?? What with damn phisycs?? Why damned car bounces from walls and teammates even if it's speed too low??? How it can be so chaotic in multiplayer when all teammates bouncing from each other?? Why they doing so? Because the game has STUPID controls. It's best to play with gamepad. Really? Really?? It's unreal to predict where your damn car will go next second! Good news - you still can play with keyboard+mouse. Ok we are playing... playing... Geting levels... What the hell?? why different characters pays different points for same skills? And how this stupid skills works?? Death will become after 10 seconds... (why the hell "0" looks like "8" btw??) Ok. It's seems that I must be invincible for 10 seconds, after that I'll take health-bonus for surviving... Great skill for 11 points! Hell no. They shoot me in 3 seconds after "second wind"=). And for the last - something special. If you think that the game is too difficult for you... just buy DLC - you will get pyromaniac with skill that kills final boss on Expert level for two shots. Also, it makes you invulnerable! Wow! Great way to make stupid game boring.
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Really? Really???

Cause I love this game. Just finished the Coldstrike campaign.

Hope there's more DLC coming.
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go learn how to get skill and get yourself something
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Remember it´s the same engine as in Just Cause 2 - luckily the physics aren´t THAT awful as in JC2
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